Comments made in our most recent Client Quality Survey


“ I find the whole set-up is run on a very professional basis, the staff are the best of people you could find in one place. Thank you to each one of you for the kindness and attention shown to my wife. God bless.”


“Very satisfied. Lovely friendly staff. Overall very satisfied with the service provided”


“All staff appear to give that bit extra”.


“I enjoy the atmosphere at the Swallows. I am very happy. The atmosphere is very relaxed , and the people are very nice and kind”.


“When my husband attends the Swallows I know he would not get looked after and cared for anywhere else as well as he does there. They are all wonderful.”


“The staff are always there for you and you only have to ask and they are there. I always enjoy all the activities offered. I love it here and if you’re upset they always cheer me up”.


“All the staff are excellent and put every effort into making the clients happy.”


“Very good food. Like going to a restaurant, but better service. Very satisfied with the services and treatment, being like home from home”


“The Swallows is very clean and well furnished, with a friendly, homely and pleasant athmosphere”.


“My wife’s general state of health has improved 100% since she has attended the Swallows, she always enjoys her days there”


“The Day Care Centre is extremely well run. The staff work as a team, they are kind, helpful, caring and attentative to all clients’ needs, promoting a happy and relaxed environment. Highly recommended!”


“A very valued service. From a carer’s point of view, I feel very confident and re-assured that my husband is in safe hands. I have certainly seen the positive impact this service has had on my husband’s mental well-being and is maximising his current abilities. Thank you to all the staff and the excellent care they provide.”


“It is difficult to comment on perfection.”


“Give it a try!”