When selecting a day care centre for either yourself or a loved one, you need to ensure that your chosen day care centre meets the quality standards required for providing this service, which should include:


· The day care centre being run by a Registered Manager;


· All  staff having been checked and cleared with the Disclosure and Barring Service;


· The day care centre having a comprehensive set of Policies and Procedures;


· All staff being fully trained;


· The business being fully insured.


At the Swallows, we comply with the highest quality standards in health and social care as laid down by Norfolk County Council and the Care Quality Commission.


Adult Day Care Ltd. and the Swallows are monitored for quality by Norfolk County Council (NCC), having consistently achieved a top score on NCC’s Audit Check List.


Please see  page 9 for a list of our staff qualifications.


The initial information package you will receive when either contacting or visiting us, will include a copy of our Brochure, Statement of Purpose and Member Information Guide, which will provide you with all the necessary information on the service we provide.